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Auto repair services you can count on...

Get the best auto repair service when you visit Brown's Auto Sales of Mattoon, Inc. With our chief mechanic, Paul "The Wrench" Hurt, leading our experienced technical team, we have been providing expert auto repair service to the areas of Coles County. We perform full diagnostics to check if your car is still in the best condition.



Maintenance Service Includes:

The mechanical team at Brown's Auto Sales of Mattoon, Inc. is experienced in many maintenance services, including tune-ups, cooling flushing, replacing brake pads, repairing radiator hoses, fixing belts, and more!

Repair Services Includes:

For over 70 years, Brown's Auto Sales of Mattoon, Inc. has served the community with repair services such as fixing air-conditioning and heating, adjusting power steering, repairing suspension, restoring engines, updating radiators, running computerized diagnostic tests, and more!

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